Vlog: Reflecting with PSU President Wiewel

For my last blog this academic year, I thought it beneficial to engage in a reflection with PSU’s President Wim Wiewel for his last year at PSU.

Wim Wiewel has served as PSU’s president since 2008, guiding the university through a dramatic period of growth, accomplishments, and increased independence. In this Vlog, I ask Wiewel questions about PSU’s successes, what we could have done differently, and future directions.

Watch video below:

Advising Redesign Interview: Final Recommendation Adopted

In September 2015, PSU launched an Advising Redesign Project with goals to build campus-wide involvement and support to assess how we advise students. The Academic and Advising Redesign workgroup presented their final report and recommendations on the next steps for advising at a campus-wide open forum in November 2016.

In this Vlog (video blog) below, you will hear more about the project from one of our advisors in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, Martha Dyson, and Sukhwant Jhaj, our Vice Provost for Academic Innovation and Student Success.

First day at CLSB

Watch: Interview Vlog on Winter Symposium 2016

The Office of Academic Affairs has sponsored a Winter Symposium for over 15 years. The symposium was an initiative by former Provost Michael Reardon as a way to bring faculty together to learn, discuss, reflect and take action of important issues that shape our curriculum.

This year’s symposium, “What does it mean to be educated in the 21st century,” will have us explore this topic through multiple lenses.  View the video below to hear more about what Professors Gina Greco and Maurice Hamington have to say about the upcoming Winter Symposium 2016.


Debunking Myths: New Budget Model and Interdisciplinary Work

Welcome to our second vlog – a video blog.

I invited Margaret Everett, Vice Provost for International Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies, and Stephen Percy, Dean of College of Urban and Public Affairs, to speak to PSU’s successes of how our new budget model, Integrated Planning of Enrollment and Budget (IPEB), helps us corroborate and carry out interdisciplinary work at PSU.

View our vlog to learn more about the University’s accomplishments in interdisciplinary work and our future plans.