Making Shared Governance Work

we-need-youProfessor Brad Hansen, Presiding Officer of the Faculty Senate, and I share a common goal of increased participation and collaboration between faculty, administrators and our board of trustees to support student learning and success.

I invited Brad to write a guest blog on this subject:

This definition of shared governance was proposed by Gary Olsen in the Chronicle of Higher Education:

“Shared governance is a delicate balance between faculty and staff participation in planning and decision-making processes, on the one hand, and administrative accountability on the other. It has come to connote two complementary and sometimes overlapping concepts: giving various groups of people a share in key decision-making processes, often through elected representation; and allowing certain groups to exercise primary responsibility for specific areas of decision-making. The key to genuine shared governance is broad and unending communication. When various groups of people are kept in the loop and understand what developments are occurring within the university, and when they are invited to participate as true partners, the institution prospers. That, after all, is our common goal.”

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Closing in on the Strategic Planning Finish Line

sp1The University has spent 18 months working on our new strategic plan. A diverse Strategic Planning Development Team, eight Topic Teams, and thousands of individuals have helped develop and shape the plan.

There is still work to do before the plan is presented to our Board of Trustees in December, but much has been accomplished to-date. The Strategic Planning website is rich with material that chronicles the Board’s charge to the University, working reports, opportunities for input and feedback, newsletters, process charts, the project management plan, trends in higher education, and just about everything one would want access to in a strategic campus-wide planning effort.


Last week’s ‘Sliders and Suds’ event was yet another opportunity for faculty and staff to provide input on the latest draft.

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What People are Saying About Provost’s Challenge

PC_header (2)
The SMSU Ballroom was buzzing with excitement on May 19. Hundreds came to celebrate the completion of the Provost’s Challenge projects.

The Provost’s Challenge launched in the Fall 2012 with ideas generated by faculty and staff. The Challenge provided the infrastructure and funds to innovate and implement technological solutions to change curriculum and student processes. Their collective impact on the student experience is greater than the sum of the parts and reflect PSU’s ability to engage in transformational change.

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How PSU’s Academic Leadership Team (ALT) Works

academic leadership at psuA number of recent conversations in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences (CLAS), budget forums and meetings with department chairs provided me the motivation to write about the role of PSU’s Academic Leadership Team (ALT). The members of ALT are the schools/colleges and Library deans, the vice provosts and the provost.

A piece of trivia: ALT was formally known as the Deans’ Council before it underwent a name change two years ago to better reflect its purpose and function.

When it comes to ALT, shared governance and leadership is always part of the equation.

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