Sona K. Andrews, Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs

Welcome to Portland State University’s Provost Blog!

The PSU Provost Blog is created to do more than communicate through attending meetings, writing emails, reporting at Faculty Senate, or sharing information on the Academic Affairs webpage or in the PSU Currently.

As Provost of PSU, I am under no illusion that a blog serves all communication needs, but it has some unique features.  Not only will it be a way to make public some information and thoughts I have on important issues, but it creates a venue for hearing other perspectives, asking and responding to questions, and learning new ideas.

Effective and informative communication is a challenge faced by many of us. As Provost, although I find myself hearing, learning, and reflecting on many issues both internal and external, I also recognize that there are times when faculty, staff and students at PSU must wonder:

  • What is the work that is taking place?
  • How can I find out more?
  • How can I be involved?
  • How can I share my views?
  • What does the provost think about an issue?

Let’s work together towards establishing a more effective way of communicating through sharing lively information and exchanges on the blog.

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