Nominate Colleagues for Faculty and Staff Awards – Deadlines Approaching!

awards1Faculty and staff recognition is important to our PSU culture and community. Showing appreciation for those we work with is one of the many things that makes PSU a great place. We have formal ways of acknowledging employee accomplishments and service as demonstrated this last March with our “Length of Service Awards” and our call for nominations for Faculty and Staff Excellence Awards.

Length of Service Awards
On March 3, faculty and staff filled the Smith Ballroom for the Length of Service Awards where 74 employees wereawards2 recognized. This ceremony has been a long tradition to honor employees who have served PSU for 20 years and every 5 years thereafter. The event offered an opportunity to socialize, recognize contributions, learn more about our colleagues, and reminisce about what was going on in the world and at PSU during the times these employees were hired. One awardee, English Professor, Tony Wolk, came to work at PSU in 1965—50 years ago. As you can imagine, PSU was a very different place when those honored at the ceremony began working at the university. We appreciate the efforts and commitments made by these employees and all the other employees that have made PSU the vibrant university it is today.

Important deadlines approaching
An opportunity to nominate your colleagues for awards that recognize distinct achievements is approaching. These honorific awards are detailed below. It does not take much effort to nominate someone and make public her or his contributions to PSU. So, go ahead, nominate your colleagues, but do not wait too long—the deadline for initiating your nomination for the Faculty and Staff Excellence Awards is March 25 and nominations for the Classified Staff Award are due by March 22.

Outstanding Classified Staff Award
A new award was created this year for outstanding classified staff to recognize the multitude of essential functions they perform for the university and our students, including administrative, academic, educational, financial and accounting, facility maintenance, technical, information technology, public safety, legal, health, dental services, and more. Anyone employed at PSU as a classified staff member for at least one year can be nominated.

Faculty and Staff Excellence Awards
A call for nominations was issued earlier this month for awards that recognize faculty and staff excellence, achievement, and service at PSU. The nine Faculty and Staff Excellence Awards are accepting nominations.

Each award, including its individual eligibility and nomination requirements, is described via the links below:

With the help of our Office of Information Technology (OIT), we are excited to introduce an electronic nomination platform to make management of the process easier. Nominations for all Excellence Awards are to be submitted via the 2016 Excellence Awards Nomination Form. You can submit more than one nomination.


  • Initiate your nomination via the 2016 Excellence Award Nomination Form by March 25.
  • Add all supporting documents and submit your complete nomination by April 15 (and do not forget to file your taxes as well!)

Please take this opportunity to nominate your colleagues. They cannot be recognized if you do not nominate them!

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