Debunking Myths: New Budget Model and Interdisciplinary Work

Welcome to our second vlog – a video blog.

I invited Margaret Everett, Vice Provost for International Affairs and Dean of Graduate Studies, and Stephen Percy, Dean of College of Urban and Public Affairs, to speak to PSU’s successes of how our new budget model, Integrated Planning of Enrollment and Budget (IPEB), helps us corroborate and carry out interdisciplinary work at PSU.

View our vlog to learn more about the University’s accomplishments in interdisciplinary work and our future plans.



3 thoughts on “Debunking Myths: New Budget Model and Interdisciplinary Work

  1. Thanks for this, Sona, Margaret, and Steve. I have question regarding the ability to offer interdisciplinary courses, rather than programs, although they certainly could be part of interdisciplinary programs as well. In my experience, the most successful interdisciplinary course have had multiple faculty, from different disciplines, in the classroom at the same time. What are the thoughts about how the SCH can be assigned when the class has multiple instructors? Does this put us in a position that such a class would need to have 2X the number of students in order to support two instructors? What would someone attempting to propose such a class need to do to make it feasible to teach? Thank you.


  2. Darrell, I appreciate the question. We want to encourage interdisciplinary work in all areas– programs, research and team-teaching of courses. The good news is there are not barriers to doing so in any of these.

    The cost and revenue for a course show up in the Revenue and Cost Attribution Tool (RCAT) and the Performance Requirement based on the unit that houses the Subject code for the course. If the team-taught course is part of an approved cross-listed pair with different Subject codes, then the RCAT and the Revenue Requirement follow the course where the student is registered.

    Again, thank you for asking the question. Any faculty member who encounters barriers in wishing to teach a team-taught, interdisciplinary class should let me know.


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