New Vlog – Integrating PBB and SEM

It has been a beautiful summer in Portland and a good reason for me to take a hiatus from blogging. It is now time to get back to sharing ideas and information via my blog on a regular schedule.

On occasion, such as this one, I will “vlog” – the term cool kids use for a video blog. This vlog outlines the integration of Performance-based budgeting (PBB) and Strategic Enrollment Management Planning (SEM) now known as Integrated Planning-Enrollment & Budget at PSU. Have a listen to my vlog highlighting our presentation at the Society for College and University Planners (SCUP), where we discussed PSU’s innovative integration.

Let me know what you think about the new vlog format by commenting below.

SCUP Presentation



5 thoughts on “New Vlog – Integrating PBB and SEM

  1. Sona

    Hey, I like the vlog. Having the video is so much more personal than reading text. This makes me think much more about how we get our communication messages out and how we use our websites. Thanks for stimulating thinking.



  2. I think you do great on the vlog, and since people’s learning styles differ, it’s good to have this alternative outlet. Personally, I can read a lot faster than people can talk, so I prefer reading.


  3. Hello Sona,

    I think the question here is how much more I retained from this presentation versus your written blog.

    While both are always well done…and on topics I find interesting…I believe I retain more from the Vlog. So…though I appreciate it is much more labor intensive…I think your Vlog has a real value as a format and that the extra time you put into it will pay off in the multiplicity of ways you can use it..

    Thanks for doing this,


  4. I generally prefer written blogs to vlogs, but I think it works well to mix it up sometimes. The black background seemed a little harsh though. I find vlogs to be more personal, so it would nice to hear your thoughts from your office or another setting on campus. Overall, I enjoy your posts and find the information useful and relevant.


  5. Hello Sona:

    How interesting to listen to your vlog! As I am not an administrator, I have not kept up with SEM/PBB/E&G, etc.

    Your vlog encouraged me to click on several other posts and links on the OAA website. Not that I need to know all the details, but I found the “PBB Principles” page helpful and so was the link to the ppt presentation at SCUP–especially the last page on “What we have learned.”

    Reminds me of why my students in online classes love it when I leave “voice” feedback on D2L for them. They appreciate the personal touch. That’s how this feels. Personal. And draws one in to explore more.



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