In Case You Missed Strategic Plan Ice Cream Social

strategic ice cream

The PSU Urban Plaza was buzzing last week with a Strategic Plan Ice Cream Social. Faculty, staff, students and members of the community were invited to provide input on PSU’s strategic planning. It was a chance to weigh in on our direction and focus, and get a free scoop of Ben & Jerry’s, which benefited New Avenues for Youth, an organization that helps PSU students and homeless youth.

Getting input
Approximately 800 people stopped by to share comments and ask questions of faculty, students and staff on the strategic planning development team and topic team members. strategic ice cream 5

Topics of discussion included:

  • A new vision and mission statement for PSU
  • Student Learning and Academic Success
  • Campus Climate
  • Equity, Opportunity and Access
  • Organizational Excellence and Financial Sustainability
  • Global Excellence
  • Community Partnerships, Engagement and Civic Leadership
  • Innovative Research, Scholarship and Creative Activities
  • Faculty Roles and Structure
  • Equity Lens Panel

strategic ice cream 1
The Strategic Planning staff are hard at work organizing the important input received to share feedback.

A shout out to our students
I volunteered to serve at the draft vision, mission, and values tent. In exchange for a ticket for free ice cream, we asked participants for their feedback on the future of PSU. What impressed me was how engaged our students were in providing their thoughts.
strategic ice cream 3

They carefully studied the statements, asked meaningful questions, reflected on the meanings, engaged with one another and provided multiple comments on the drafts.

Continued efforts to solicit your feedback
The Strategic Ice Cream event was not the first time feedback has been solicited about the strategic plan.

Past efforts have included: the winter symposium, workshops for department chairs, topic team solicitations, online surveys/forms, web postings and email communication, first town hall in January, interviews, and listening sessions with many groups and committees. A comprehensive list of solicitations is available at Feedback Documentation Matrix.

strategic ice cream 2The eight Topic Teams have a set of key questions and they continue to welcome feedback. Feel free to contact any topic team member or use the online form to provide your input.

Strategic Planning Resources
FAQs, meeting notes, resources, feedback, survey results, archived newsletters and much more are available on the Strategic Planning resources page.

We hope to engage all of you in this important planning effort.

strategic ice cream 6

strategic ice cream 4*All photos have been taken by Sona Andrews.


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