A View of PSU’s International Reach


In December, I blogged about the Current State of Internationalization at PSU. I am happy to report that a lot has happened to advance our internationalization efforts in the last few months.

Global Topic Teams and Developments
One major development is the creation of the Global Excellence Topic Team – one of the eight topic teams that has emerged from the PSU strategic planning effort. The Global Excellence team is a working group of students, faculty, staff and administrators.

The topic teams tackle the campus-wide issues identified by the Strategic Planning Development Team and are responsible for digging deep into their topics and developing goals, initiatives and assessment mechanisms. The product of all this work will be a set of recommendations to the Strategic Planning Development Team. Once compiled, these reports will form the body of the first draft of the Strategic Plan.

I anticipate much will come from the work of the Global Excellence Topic Team. In the meantime, work progresses on our international efforts.

A Map Perspective
Maps are a great way to visualize our international footprint. I admit I am a bit biased given cartography is my academic area of specialization. Here are just a few examples of what maps tell us about PSU’s international reach.

University Partnerships
PSU has over 400 formal partnerships with universities outside of the United States. They range from long-standing partnerships with a reciprocal flow of students to ones that are just developing. The map to the right shows the concentrations of the partnerships.

Our faculty is very engaged in international research partnerships. Elsevier data from January 2014 shows that 28% of the publications by PSU authors have an international co-author.

maps 3We can view the international institutions that PSU faculty have research collaborations with by global region and university.

maps 4165 were co-authored with partners at 49 universities in China. maps 5 If you want to see something really cool, take a look PSU’s PDXScholar library real-time map. PDXScholar provides open access to a diverse collection of academic, scholarly, scientific and creative content produced by faculty, students and staff. PDXScholar increases the visibility of authors’ works, maximizes research impact, facilitates interdisciplinary research, and provides regional and global communities with immediate and permanent access.

Anyone around the world can download a PSU Honors College thesis, a doctoral dissertation or a publication by a faculty member. The real-time maps allow you to see every time someone accesses a publication from PDXScholar. There were over 435,000 downloads this year alone.

maps 6

PDXScholar Real-time Maps: http://pdxscholar.library.pdx.edu/


maps 7
A view from one department
Recently, Jason Podrabsky, chair of our Biology Department, sent me a map he created of faculty, staff and student field sites. Many of our academic departments are engaged in similar activities.

We would like to celebrate the efforts to date of our faculty, staff and students. As the Global Excellence Topic Team, members of our Internationalization Council, Office of International Affairs, Vice Provost for International Affairs, Margaret Everett, and so many other faculty, staff and administrators continue to work together to strengthen our international work, we would also love to hear your thoughts.

Academic Program Prioritization (APP) Moves Forward

3 thoughts on “A View of PSU’s International Reach

  1. Hi Sona, One quick suggestion – the images imbedded in your blog would be interesting to peruse but they show up very small in my browser when I click on them. This may not be an easy fix, but if there were a way to make them larger that would be very helpful. Thank you for keeping us informed! Mitch


  2. Thanks for mentioning the University Honors Thesis projects! I love watching live downloads! And if anyone wants to drop in and see this year’s students present their work before it is uploaded, we’re hosting the Honors Thesis Symposium on May 28th from (9:00am to 5:00pm in Smith, 2nd floor (236,238,294,296).


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