We Missed You at the SEM and PBB Forums

On October 13th and 17th, I held open forums about the Academic Affairs FY 16 Strategic Enrollment Management (SEM) planning and Performance-Based Budgeting (PBB) process.
The presentation included the FY 16 SEM and PBB planning process, timeline and the final FY 15 performance requirements for units in OAA.

Approximately 30 individuals attended the forums, and it was great to see Michael Bowman, chair of the Faculty Senate Budget Committee, at both sessions. I was pleased all the deans and most of the associate deans were present. Given their knowledge of budget and/or enrollment management planning, they really came to listen to the input and questions faculty would have. Faculty provided commentary and asked many informative questions. However, only eight faculty members attended.

Seeking Feedback
Last year the budget was such a hot and controversial topic that I was surprised by the low attendance this month.
  • Have we done such a good job explaining the SEM and PBB process that everyone has the information they need?
  • Were faculty aware of the sessions? 
  • Is everyone just too busy? (I can relate!)
Communication Efforts
On September 15th I sent an email to all department chairs to forward the forum times and dates to faculty in their departments. Also, on October 5th my blog on FY 16 SEM and PBB planning to begin listed the times and dates. Finally, on October 6th the times and dates were provided in writing at the Faculty Senate meeting (see item B5- provost comments).
I would appreciate hearing any thoughts or suggestions you may have on the low attendance, and if there is any information needed on the OAA FY 15 budget or the FY 16 SEM and PBB planning.

3 thoughts on “We Missed You at the SEM and PBB Forums

  1. What is PBB? Why was it adopted? What are the metrics? I swim very low in the PSU aquarium and these kind of things are usually way over my head, but it sounds interesting and there must be some reason for low turn out, especially when budgeting is the topic!


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