Summer News

Summer in the provost office has been a time to finish some of the work that remained from the FY 14 academic year.  This included the details for re-ranking of some faculty positions based on the new promotion and tenure guidelines, beginning the formal search process for a dean of the School of Business Administration, transitioning to a new program approval process with the PSU Board of Trustees and the HECC (Higher Education Coordinating Commission), making course adjustments for summer session, and launching the Academic Program Prioritization Committee.

It has also been a time to meet with individual faculty members and learn more from their perspectives, to work with Bob Liebman (presiding officer of the Faculty Senate) on a shared work

plan for OAA and the Senate, and to prepare for the FY 15 academic year.  I also personally had time for a week-long vacation to visit my parents in Rhode Island and to enjoy beautiful New England at the peak of summer.

The summer has brought with it some unplanned staffing changes. In July, Vice Provost Kevin Reynolds began serving as the interim VP of FADM.  Although we are feeling the temporary gap this creates in our office, we are grateful for Kevin’s willingness to accept this responsibility and for his continued close working relationship with OAA.  Kevin still serves as the Vice Provost for Internationalization.
On August 11th we had a reception to thank Carol Mack for her many years of administrative service to PSU.  Carol made the decision that as of September 16, 2014 she wished to return to the faculty to resume her teaching and scholarship.  Carol has been an amazing colleague to all of us and very effective in her role, so it is with regret that I announced her decision earlier this summer to AAUP, AFT and the Faculty Senate Steering Committee. Next week I will send a message to all faculty members sharing this news and to announce the start of an internal search for the Vice Provost for Academic Personnel and Leadership Development.  In addition to Carol’s departure, Charles Burck, our coordinator for academic support, is leaving this week to assume the position of executive assistant to the OUS Chancellor and help them through this final transition year.

I realize this is a lot of unplanned change.  Do know that everyone in our office is committed to providing the high quality service you need during this time of staffing changes.   Let any of us know if we can provide information and assist you in your efforts, and do not hesitate to share your thoughts with us.

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